Wednesday, August 26, 2009

“O” Personal Computer Project is Trying to Reduce The Amount of CO2

Do you know the amount of CO2 that your computer generates during its production? Check out this new and unique “O Project” for sustainable computers, designed by Luis Luna. This project is encouraged by the oxygen and the whole cycle of photosynthesis. It decreases a tiny amount of CO2 generated by your computer and can be used lifelong until they become completely waste. This stylish CPU is designed by keeping mind the Green Life Style by having a decorative piece to remove the plentiful visual noise that usual PC’s create. So, you will surely like to have this Plant based CPU on your computer table to have a fresh look.
“O” is the project inspired by the oxygen and the whole cycle of photosynthesis, trying to contribute and reduce a tiny amount of CO2 that computers generate during their production and life use until they become waste. The main idea of this project is to design a CPU that is more concerned about “green thinking’ and ‘life style’ by having a decorative piece to eliminate the abundant visual noise that regular pc’s create.

It has a biodegradable skin composed of polymers based on cornstarch and bamboo. Its components can be returned to the producer to be re-utilized or recycled if you don’t want it as a flower pot or accessorize in your home.

CCC : Transform Your Car Into A Helicopter

The CCC is a fascinating and futuristic concept car which is an ultimate solution for eventful city use with its compact design and mostly, the ability to transforming into a fully operational helicopter. When in the car mode, it is a three wheeled vehicle with 2 giant front wheels and one small rear wheel, which works as tail rotor when it transforms into copter mode. The blades remain folded hidden in car mode and can eventually pop out when required. The entrance is designed from the front through a pop up glass door and no passengers other than the driver are allowed to board on this single seater car-copter. The cockpit has a sphere at the driver’s right arm to control the CCC.

“Sunny Song” Eco Friendly Bluetooth Speaker System

SunnySong is a concept speaker system features Bluetooth connectivity in order to make it competitive in the recent gadget world. This is an eco-friendly speaker that is powered through the sunlight and features the A2DP/AVRCP function by using the latest NXT panel. The system is specially designed to save more energy in comparison with the traditional speakers. SunnySong with its beautiful outlook and handy features will become an inseparable part of future human life

Futuristic London Garden Foldable Electric Bicycle

London Garden is a concept car free zone in downtown London allowing bicycles and busses only as transportation means. In this connection, the designers have created an innovative transportation system combining a bike and a bus including the supporting infrastructure.

The bicycle is designed to generate energy when riding and this energy can be used as currency to pay for your bus rides. The bike electronically folds into the bus seat storage mode for space and weight efficiency and to fit on the bike stand. Bike stands can be found at the bus stops where the bikes will be stored securely in order to collect energy from the sun and wind. Moreover, it contributes energy to the bus system that was generated during riding and stored in inner batteries. Finally, the energy will be accumulated from all the bus stops into the London Garden network system, which is the Universal Electricity Network of this concept.

Fire Relief Respirator Prevents You From Inhaling Poisonous Smokes

When fire disasters occur in a building or a surrounded place where people can’t run away, most number of casualties happens because of smoke inhalation. The Fire Relief Respirator has been designed to overcome a situation like this by providing oxygen to people who are trapped inside a burning building. It enables the victim to wait longer for the rescue team, thus increases the chance of their survival. Whether it is a residence, office, hotel or any kind of high-raised building, Fire Relief Respirator can save quite a few numbers of people from dying by inhaling poisonous smokes that is produced during a fire disaster.

Teleport Fridge : Futuristic Fridge Which Teleport Your Food

Teleporting is one of the most envisioned science fiction that we are encountering these days and Dulyawat Wongnawa has designed the Teleport Fridge concept to be a part of it. This concept fridge can teleport food from one place to another, which eliminates the time and distance a user has to travel to purchase fresh groceries from a store or a farm. This Teleport Fridge has used the touchscreen technology to build the interface for the teleportation method which is effective and user friendly. This concept will let you have your supplies right inside your fridge only by placing orders by phone or email to the grocery store.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Futuristic Creature Guard That Protects Endangered Animals

The creature guard concept is a self initiated project by car designer Nils Poschwatta, which is a futuristic vehicle that protects endangered animals as well as any kind of living being that needs emergency help. The designer has envisioned this innovative vehicle consisting of a bionic sting-ray, with the ability to fly really fast at a lower altitude, and a pilot with specially designed outfit. This ray is detachable and is interconnected to the propulsion unit through its bio-morph grip. This vehicle features a 1:4 scale model of the vehicle and the pilot by using clay.

Unique and Funny Marionette Concept Clock from Mintpass

The Marionette Clock is a unique concept clock, where the entire wall acts as a clock and the hand is attached with strings that are clasped up to a conveyor on the top. The innovative design of this clock has made it like a puppet play, performed by the Mint boys, who are moving the clock’s hand by controlling the strings, while riding on a roller between their legs that are powered by electric motor.

Marionette boys control the vertical wires attached to the clock’s hand by winding and unwinding the crank. The vertical wiring is controlled by the stepper motor and the function of its module is to calculate the vertical wire’s length to a high level of accuracy. Display of time is done by calculating the vertical wire length and the unicycle’s position to their appropriate figure. The unicycle, on which the Marionette boys ride, is made of “Mycom”, which runs by the stepper motors and let the Marionette boys stay put. The Marionette boys are equipped with rechargeable and interchangeable battery, kept in a backpack on their backs for better balance and this unique design prevents the ride of the boys from falling off, even when they are positioned in an angle.

Magma and Super S Yacht from Sylvian Viau

Among several yacht concepts from modern futuristic styles to old classic styles by French designer Sylvian Viau, the Magma and Super S are really worth noticing. Magma demonstrates a new type of visual that could be applied to modern yachts to make them look even better. The surface hull is designed similar to lava cooling down which is really a unique gesture of a yacht. Magma is designed for navigation and ultimate exploration and contains a helipad on the rear part of the superstructure. On the other hand, Super S is designed purely concentrating on speed with a slim and smart outlook.

Butl-R-Bot : Futuristic Robotic Kitchen Assistant

The Butl-R-Bot is a futuristic robotic kitchen assistant that features responsive artificial intelligence and innovative advanced technologies like humanistic arms, cameras and advanced sensors, fan arrays with movement ability, and many more. With all these useful features, this robot can cook meals, take order and collect food and even it can interact with kitchen appliances and utensils. Butl-R-Bot can fit in any size of kitchens with its compact shape (only 35cm wingspan) and can work under almost any sorts of environment. This functional kitchen assistant will let the busy and stressful future users to spend more time on entertaining activities or at work